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Floor Care

Tips on Cleaning and Caring for Hardwood Flooring


Normal maintenance is key to keeping your wood floors as beautiful as the day they were installed. It is a very simple process using only a couple of cleaning tools and a cleaner.

Step 1: Vaccuum or sweep your floors with a soft bristle vacuum head or broom.

Step 2: Using a professional wood cleaner, mist a 4' to 6' area on your floor. This will break up any dirt areas and restore the sheen of your floor.

Step 3: Mop the misted area with a micro fiber or terry cloth mop. When your mop becomes soiled, rinse with water and wring out thoroughly before continuing. Finish one area before moving to the next


DO place floor protection under furniture and/or heavy appliances. Put soft plastic or fabric faced glides under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. Use case or slip-on floor protectors under all furniture.

DO use throw rugs or good quality doormats both inside and outside doorways to help prevent mud, grit, dirt and other debris from being tracked onto your wood floors. This will prevent scratching and help reduce cleaning time.

DO use a humidifier throughout the winter months to maintain locally recommended indoor temperature and relative humidity levels (60 to 80 degrees F, 35% humidity). This will keep wood movement and shrinkage to a minimum.

DO place throw rugs in high traffic areas to reduce wear and tear of the floor finish and surface.

DO place area rug in front of kitchen sink and ice dispensing refrigerator doors.

DO use a professional wood floor cleaning product.

DO wipe up spills immediately with a slightly dampened towel.



DON'T slide heavy furniture directly on wood flooring. It is best to pick up furniture completely to protect the wood flooring. If you must slide furniture, place protective material such as an old blanket, a piece of carpet or thick fabric beneath the object being moved.

DON'T walk on wood flooring with cleats, sports shoes and high heels. A 125-pound woman walking on high heels has an impact of 2,000 pounds per square inch. An exposed heel nail can exert up to 8,000 points per square inch. This can dent any floor surface.

DON'T use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products

DON'T use wax conditioners, acrylic wax or oil soaps. Self-polishing acrylic waxes cause wood to become slippery and appear dull.