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The Hardwood Flooring Professionals You Can Count On

JTFlooring is a full service hardwood flooring company. Offering everything from a small board replacement to installing new hardwood flooring throughout your home.
No job is too small or too big. If you have a hardwood flooring project we have you covered!

New Installation

Whether it is the natural beauty, ease of maintenance or the durability wood flooring is a great choice you and generations to come to enjoy.

JTFlooring, LLC can transform any room in your home, into a warm and inviting space with the warmth and natural beauty of wood flooring.

In additional to a natural finish, you can select from a wide variety of stain/colors to choose from to meet the needs of the décor in your home.Various widths and species of wood flooring can give your home a unique look. A simple feature strip around the hearth of your fireplace or perhaps a wood medallion in your foyer will accent your home nicely.

With our passion and dedication we are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality of flooring available.

In addition, you may wish to install a pre-finished hardwood floor. Pre- finished flooring already has the stain and finish applied and only requires the floor to be cut and installed, eliminating the need for sanding.

“A wood floor is a real floor, not just a floor covering like carpet or vinyl”


JTFlooring, LLC can repair anything from a simple board replacement to a full water damaged floor. If you have a hardwood floor problem we can fix it!


JTFlooring, LLC offers full sanding and re finishing. Re finishing will bring make your floors as new as possible with out having to replace the flooring. First we will sand the flooring down to raw wood removing all scratches, dings or uneven boards. Then we will trowel fill the entire floor ensuring that every crack, gap and nail holes get filled. Once the fill is dry we will sand off the filler and prepare the flooring for finish. We will apply three coats of finish, one sealer coat and two coats of finish. You will also have the opportunity to stain or change the color of your floor during the refinishing process. Re finishing will bring your hardwood floors back to life!

Screen and Recoat

Screen and recoating is a very good way to add more years to your floor before having to refinish them. It is also a very short and inexpensive process. First we screen to abrade the existing finish to remove any surface scratches and insure the new finish will adhere to the old finish. Then we apply an additional coat of finish to the floor, which will also build up the finish in any badly worn areas before getting worn to far and having to sand and re finish. If your floors have been cleaned with a cleaner that leaves a residue then the new finish may not adhere properly. For example: Orange Glo and Murphy’s Oil Soap.